8-Panel Play Yard Review

Now on the way to the 8-Panel Play Yard, create a safe and interesting play area – safe inside or outside – with a brightly colored toddler by Superior Color Play in North States. The high-quality, eight-panel yard measures 34.4 square feet and is 26 inches high. The superstar color palette ends in seconds, but the convenient carry handle makes it easy for you to enjoy this lightweight yard.

8-Panel Play Yard Product Details


Product Details

  • The item weight is 25.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 262.5 x 2 x 26 inches
  • Item Model Number 8768
  • Style 8-panel
  • Shipping weight is 25.6 pounds

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  • New Names – An Equivalent True Brand That You Think: ColorPlay Toddlers Overseeing the North States created for both indoor and outdoor use is often a great solution for creating a safe playpen for your child.
  • This 8-Panel Play Yard can set up and folds quickly. Comes complete with straps and non-slip pads. Also, a durable plastic pet is tough and difficult for teenagers
  • This durable plastic eight-panel color play yard creates up to 34.4 square feet of protected play space.
  • Using the Play Yard Supervisor Wall Mount Kit for most panels can now serve as an extra-wide security barrier. This is the perfect solution for a home with an open floor plan that needs to be blocked for larger spaces. Fits 38 1/2 inches to a 16-foot width opening.
  • Safe for kids ages 6-24 months

8-Panel Play Yard Safe Indoor And Outdoor Fun

North States TopLazer Supervised Colorplay is a great solution to create a safe play area for your child, both inside and outside of any surface! The yard is closed to 34.4 square feet and is 26 inches high. The freestanding superhead panels snap fast for easy access to your baby. The superior color play is made from heavy-duty plastic with a fun multi-colored finish and full of great features. It is set up in seconds and must be removed with a carrying strap.

Fold lightweight panels so you can take your super year anywhere. Most six-panel recruitment play yards are often made in conjunction with the matching wall mount kit to “spread” an extra-wide barrier 201. The barrier is often 2, 4 or 6-panel wide. Choose the length that matches your location! The North States Toddler Eight-panel yard comes with 1 enclosure, 16 skid-resistant pads, 1 carry strap, and a handbook. Fixing the superyeard color play is straightforward. You just have to pull them out of the box and publicly open them to create a playground. To assemble, lift up a panel slightly by pressing down the contrast. For a secure fit, the pin on both ends of the panel will fit perfectly into the immersion. Once you hear the press, your supervisor is safe for your little one!

8-Panel Play Yard Innovative ideas so your child is always safe

Here in North States, we’ve been making homes safe for young and pets for more than five years. Our goal is to provide superior quality products, which are designed to provide very good quality for safety, durability, and ease of use. Each kitten’s gate is structured according to the strict guidelines outlined in our rules.

Quality is everything to us. We maintain this high standard in every area of our business, starting with our employees. Our well-trained staff is dedicated to internal control and strives to provide the level you can expect for his or her own children and pets. We pride ourselves on our work! We have created an organization-wide culture of total dedication to customer needs.

We use the simplest raw materials available for each of our products. There is no cutting angle here; We want our products to last as long as you want them – if not more so. Most of our products proudly display the ‘Made in the USA’ seal.


How much room does it take up on the floor?

We make it a square. 5ft 7in x 5ft 7in in. My baby is just crawling and still can’t pull himself. Once he is done we will create the form shown in the picture.

Can I add more panels to make it bigger?

I bought two of them and stuck them. You’ll add a panel or all six. If you are thinking of growing up, it is cheaper to travel with two play-yards than two-panel add-ons.

What is the dimension of each panel?

It measures an 8-panel yard and a square x 66 x ~ 66 inches. Please let me know if you would like more details of this courtyard.


When selecting 8-Panel Play Yard I should carefully look into the features of each item type. For example, an important feature that they often need is sweet security locks security. You should check how your safety lock works properly and avoid the recommendations for what kind of safety lock should be used on the child’s age. Simple baby locks can also be one of the things that kids can find past a certain age, so investing in truly child-proof locks to ensure their playground is not enclosed and seriously involved is often the worst you can do when you aren’t listening. Trouble at the moment. Another touch investment at this point is going to be a good fit at the end of the day. 

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