How Do Dinosaurs Have Babies

Have you or your baby ever got curious about how do dinosaurs have babies? Dinosaurs have been one of the kinds of reptiles who have lived millions of years ago on this planet, Earth.  They belonged to one type of species of animals which gradually got extinct. However, researches are going on finding out surprising things about dinosaurs and of course, how do dinosaurs have babies is one of the very questions that usually go on in every person’s mind. Yes, you have just arrived in the right place since this article is going to give you the answer of how dinosaurs used to produce offspring. Not only that, we will take you towards some of the informative data that will not bore you but will acknowledge you.

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Before jumping on to how dinosaurs have babies, let’s get to know about the features the giant dinosaurs have.

Features of Dinosaurs:

  • Dinosaurs are different from the reptiles in the way they had their upright body with their legs perpendicular to their body.
  • They used to lay eggs like the other replies.
  • Unlike some birds like a penguin, dinosaurs were suitable to live on land and not underneath the water.
  • They belonged from a group called archosaurs.
  • Like all archosaurs, they had a hole between their eye socket and nostril.
  • Besides, they had two more holes behind their eye sockets. These holes helped the strong jaw muscles to go through and attach with the brain directly. As a result of this, they could open their mouth wide open with more force.

Time of their existence:

These assorted gathering of reptiles originally showed up during the Triassic time frame somewhere in the range of 243 and 233.23 million years prior. They became the dominant creatures of the planet after the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event 201 million years ago. Throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, they conquered the Earth. Some research claims that they are birds who have evolved from theropods during the Jurassic period.

How do dinosaurs have babies:

Dinosaurs did not give birth in the way mammals do. The female dinosaurs laid several eggs like the birds. The eggs were often hidden in the nests which were constructed by them using leaves and woods, or they were kept secured in holes which were dug by them in the sand. The size of the dinosaurs eggs varied, i.e., some eggs were as small as a tennis ball, and some were as large as a cannonball. The mothers used to provide heat on those eggs to warm them up and let the yolk turn into an existent baby. Once, the egg used to hatch; a baby dinosaur could have been seen poking its way out of the secure shell using a specially constructed egg tooth.

How many eggs did a dinosaur lay?

Most female dinosaurs laid about 20 eggs and carefully secured them inside the nests that they used to build. It is said that the female dinosaurs usually laid once a year, and thus, they hatched about hundreds of eggs in their lifetime. However, other dinosaurs such as the female Sauropods are said to lay around 40 eggs a year. As all eggs don’t successfully progress towards hatching, the experts believe that 50-90% of the eggs usually transformed into babies and the rest ruptured while staying as eggs.

What was the size of the biggest dinosaur egg?

The Sauropod dinosaurs were the giant dinosaurs among all. Not surprisingly, their eggs used to be the biggest. However, it is said that they were only twice the size of an ostrich egg and not as large as a mother. The weight of a Sauropod egg was about 5kg (11lb), and the length was 30cm (12 inches). 

Did mothers use to sit on their eggs?

Researches claim that they have found fossil fuels of female dinosaurs dying with their arms widespread across their eggs in the nest. Thus, it can be said that female dinosaurs were protective enough of their eggs and were brooders. To provide warmth and coolness, they used to sit on their nests and stay there for the safety of their eggs.

Did the female dinosaurs look after their offspring?

Scientists have found out fossil fuels whose show that a Maiasaura mother had brought food to her babies after they hatched and that she has looked after her babies for almost a year. Thus, it can be said that female dinosaurs, like any other bird mothers, used to take care of their offspring until they grew up and were independent.

How fast did the babies grow?

The babies used to double in size within six weeks. They had to learn to survive and to defend themselves within the early phase of life. A lot of fossil fuels have proven that the baby dinosaurs were fully grown up within 14 years of their age.

Frequently asked questions?

Q. Did the dinosaurs use to have sex?

A. No research or fossil fuels have been found which could be used to prove the fact that they used to have sex. However, a lot of investigations have said that they probably have mated like the birds and the crocodiles do.

Q. How was it determined whether the baby is a boy or a girl?

A. The gender of an egg was determined by the temperature around the egg. If the egg evolved a warm temperature, then it was thought that a boy would be born and if the egg was much cooler in temperature, then the egg was supposed to hatch into a female dinosaur

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This article is going to give you all the required information that you, as a curious mind, might have in your mind about how do dinosaurs have babies. Hope after reading this article out; you know how dinosaurs had no unique but usual lifestyle like the birds, crocodiles and the other reptiles. We need to know about life that existed long before humans did and how things used to be different before the birth of other species that live now.

Dinosaurs lived fast and died very early. Enough dinosaurs were not born to pass on the genes and as suggested by come of the scientists, the dinosaurs, the largest of their kind must have bred early enough to produce offspring which could have expanded their life expectancy.

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