How much are dinosaur eggs worth

Have you ever wondered how much are dinosaur eggs worth? Yes, sometimes we do think about the things that once existed in our lives and how gradually things changed over the millions of years. You have just arrived in the right place as in this article, we are going to take you the informative knowledge about the dinosaur eggs and how much are dinosaur eggs worth if you are fortunate enough to find one. Paleontologists have found out traces of dinosaur eggs underneath mountains and even in deep seas while digging out the skeletons of the female dinosaurs.

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What is the worth of dinosaur eggs?

While acquiring a real dinosaur egg, you must know the fact that the dinosaur eggs are not as worth as purchasing an entire dinosaur fossil. An entire dinosaur fossil can earn you an amount worth of several million dollars, but a dinosaur egg would give you an amount worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How much are dinosaur eggs worth

Dinosaurs like any other reptiles or birds laid several eggs over a year. However, not all eggs were lucky enough to hatch successfully and thus, dinosaurs degraded gradually in number and went to the list of extinct animals. This is why dinosaur eggs are rarely available. We can give you an estimated range of the worth of dinosaur eggs, which is about $400 to $1500 depending on certain factors.

What are the factors that determine the worth of dinosaur eggs?

  • Type: There were two types of dinosaurs which lived on this planet: one herbivore and the other carnivore. The eggs laid by these two kinds have a different worth of their kind. So, different species have a different value of their worth in the market. For example, the eggs laid T-rex had the most value in the market.
  • Age: The older the egg, the more worthy is its value in the market. Eggs which are much older give the paleontologists the chance to find out about the more former species which once lived on this Earth.
  • Eggs with intact Embryos: Finding out a dinosaur egg with its embryo still intact is scarce in this history. However, if you are enough happy to find one, you are going to be one of the most fortunate human beings alive.
  • Collection: Pricing is based on how the eggs were found. For example, eggs found in a nest will be worth more than an egg singly found. Again, an egg found broken will be worth less than an egg found intact.

How to identify real dinosaur eggs?

  • Location: One of the factors that will help you determine whether a dinosaur egg is real or fake is the location of finding the egg. Dinosaur eggs can be found in particular areas. The Paleontology Database comes with an extensive map where you could easily see the locations where real dinosaur eggs could be found.
  • Shell: Authentic dinosaur eggs have a special kind of crystallized surface which can easily be judged to identity a real dinosaur egg.
  • Thickness: The thickness of the real dinosaur eggs are relatively uniform everywhere except for a curvy surface. The shell of the eggs is covered with tiny pores through which they used to exchanges gases. So, to find out the difference, all you need to do is hold a microscope over the shell and look for pores. If you cannot find any, you are probably looking at a whole rock which you mistakenly assumed to be an egg.
  • Brittle: We know that the shells of the eggs tend to be fragile with a lot of cracks. Thus, if you find a fossilized eggshell that looks like a whole egg without any breaks, then you must have encountered with a rock or something else.
  • Licking: The final step to find out whether an egg is a real dinosaur egg or not is to lick the surface of it with your tongue. Dinosaur eggs are said to have a slightly sticky surface compared to the porous rocks.

How to spot fake dinosaur eggs?

  • First, you should go and collect the dinosaur egg all by yourself. However, before doing that you should follow the law and take permission from the higher authority to continue with your searching process.
  • If you are willing to buy it rather than collecting it by yourself, make sure the It has been legally destroyed.
  • Fake eggs could easily be identified by looking at their surface. Real eggs are said to be fragile and have a lot of cracks. So, if you encounter an egg, make sure to look for damages or any crack that lead to a breakage of the shell.
  • Fake eggs are usually made of mosaics which are assembled along with the remains of the real dinosaur eggs. Look for parts in the surface that have mosaics which do not match the opposite sides of a crack.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where will get a real dinosaur egg?

A. Very few of these eggs are available, However, by contacting museums or paleontologists, one can surely make his way through (hope can be seen).


now, very difficult to get the dinosaur egg in the world. Whatever is left, that have been collected, or destroyed at all of the Modern life. However, if you are favored enough to find one, then the dinosaur egg can likely open you a way of fortune in your life because dinosaurs have become extinct now and their eggs are going to be miraculously expensive. Finding an authentic dinosaur egg is going to be a hardship, but after seeing one, the outcomes would be worth every struggle you have gone through.

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