Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car

For 40 years, these kid-driven rides have become a major topic at home. Kids like to stay behind the wheel while adults like to be nostalgic. With the new friendly face upfront, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car is now the best and a removable floorboard allows both parents and young people to enjoy! 


Our Honest Rating 

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car Foot To Floor Riding Toys

Riding toys from Little Tick to Toddler to the floor will make your little cheeks or guy hate and bitch! These riding kits are safe, durable and great for all time of the year. Also, they make playtime fun and exciting. Push and run one of the classic Little Ticks on your outdoor toy line and watch your child’s face light up at once.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car Product information

For generations – 30 years – kids take on the road adventure and fantasy with one of the first voyages in toys – COZY COUPE. New features include removable floor and rear handle for parent-controlled push rides. The back is designed with a high seat back and storage. Special features like “ignition switch” and include an open and close gas cap. Cozy rolls on rugged, durable tires, front wheels spin 360 degrees; Made in the USA.

  • Product dimensions are 29.5 x 16.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Shipping weight is 17.55 pounds
  • The item weight is 17.24 pounds
  • Age of manufacturer 18 months – 5 years recommended

This is a great little car. This is an updated version of cars like my wife and my baby in the ’80s. Updated because it has a nice smiley face on the front and a handle on the back. I actually appreciate the handle because my son is only 1 immediately. He does not have the level of ability to drive in front of the car, so it is nice to see him rotate around more fun than a stroller.

It also does not have a safety belt, so I would be concerned that removing the floorboard would shake him and throw him under the stone. For the record, my 6-year-old may also be sitting on it; Although it is a snug fit. most young people over the age of 5 can fit. I don’t get much skill that kids can get from the upper end of the age group but they are worth it.

I would say that the handle was intended to be a touch
higher but as it is now designed, the whole car needs to be longer. Although it can be cut off from aesthetics, it can be more convenient if it makes a stretchy handle quite like some handcarts.


This allows it to be longer. If you’re a short person, the peak probably won’t bother you, but I’m 6’2 “and my wife is 5’8″. I even have to bend to use it. This is the borderline for him. All I can think of is that it was better pushed by those 5’5 or younger. It is often argued that I am a star off.

The car makes it easy to drive, with a cup holder in the back, a working horn, a locking door and a removable floorboard car swivel the front wheels. It’s made of important plastic material, but it’s a bit more flexible than I think is better than pure plastic. It’s affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is pushing easy?

A: Yes, it’s very easy to push around.

Q: What age is a cozy coupe for?

A: The younger Cozy Coop’s suggested age is eighteen months or more. However, I bought all of their first Cozy Coupe cars once the kids did 12 months later. At this age, they are not old enough to push themselves by their feet, but it does not stop the kids from having fun with it.

Q: Is Little Tikes BPA free?

A: Little Tykes’ products are regularly tested and safely
re-tested for lead and other heavy metals. We do not use BPA, latex or harmful
PVC and / or phthalates. Little Ticks proudly manufactures most of the products within the United States at our Ohio manufacturing facility.


When I started buying our son’s new Cozy Cop car from a small boy I saw it both in-store and online. I could see that the simplest deal for a small tix car was on Amazon. You can actually find a comfortable coupe car at Amazon, compared to most retail stores. This is the place I got the hard rock bottom price on the little cozy coop. They also deliver it to your door for free, and you can’t really beat this kind of benefit.

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