Razor e100 electric scooter reviews

Are you tired of searching for something special for your kids that can make them feel happy with fun activities? Razor e100 electric scooter reviews will help you understand why you should have this product for your child. Finally, it will lead you to make the right decision about an electric scooter. Even it is designed for adults who prefer to use this scooter. To pass a good scooting time it is better to know the product details of the brand you are going to buy.

Razor e100 electric scooter is built by the famous company named Razor. It runs with a razor e100 battery. This battery is quite large so that it can keep a charge for a long time where you will find the switch for turning it on or off. It contains kickstand which ensures to stop the scooter properly. This kickstand can also go up to 180 degrees easily. If you want to have a tour nearby with fun then the best choice is to use this transport that easily gives you ride at 10 miles per hour speeds. The motor used on it is basically chain-driven having a very smooth handle that can ensure you excellent control system for braking Razor e100 electric scooter reviews.

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In the right handle of the scooter, you will find the switch for accelerating the wheel to move faster. With 24 Volt you can ensure this transport till 40 minutes without any break. Razor e100 battery charger has a red light that indicates charging mood whereas green light indicates the charger is not connected to the scooter. Besides the charging port, there is a reset button in this product. It does not quire any gas to run so there is a lot of money getting saved as well as the environment remains fresh.

To make the user feel comfortable with carrying this transport has a folding system that lets you carry this anywhere you want. The design and variations of colors are simply great that all users will definitely appreciate. Razor scooter weight limit is maximum of 120 lbs (54 Kg).

Things to Consider about Razor e100 electric scooter

There are several things that you should consider while selecting an electric scooter. These are as follows:-

8 inch pneumatic tires

8 inch pneumatic tires

Features two 8-inch pneumatic tires for a smoother ride.

Retractable kickstand

Retractable kickstand

Retractable kickstand for off and on the go riders.

High torque, chain driven motor

High torque, chain driven motor

The zero emission electric power engages a super quiet chain driven motor- great for you, your kids and your neighbors.

Twist grip trottle and hand operated front brake

High torque, chain driven motor

Hand operated front brake for smoother stopping power.

Razor e100 electric scooter Easy to use and assemble:

The scooter is very easy to set up and use that means there is no complexity that riders can face. Making this transport as user friendly the management of Razor gives the high priority on the engineering part so that everyone can easily use this without any hassle. By nature human beings never like things that are complicated to use. If you analyze the market then you will find many products that are not sold always.

There are many products made without proper marketing research and these remain unsold in the end because of the complexity of assembling them. If you want to you sale your brands then you have to make the users feel relaxed. In the case of Razor e100 electric scooter assembly is very simple as you just need to put the detached handle bar on to the fork stand. Then all you need to do is just tighten up the screw over there. That’s it. Now you are all set to ride on this quality scooter to have some fun. As this scooter is mostly used by kids or child so it is always better to make this very simple for them. There is no hassle to ride on this vehicle.

Razor e100 electric scooter Design, speed, and mileage:

There is a different type of people everywhere and their choices, preferences also differ from one to another. Some will like basic models and designs where some will look for stylish and lucrative designs. As a manufacturer, it is important to know the mindset of different customers and they should give high priority to their preferences. Because it is important to make the customer happy. Otherwise, there will be a big question for long term business sustainability. Keeping all this in mind Razor e100 electric scooter designs their scooter in a very nice manner so that everyone can like.

There are several options for choosing the proper color which is highly appreciated by many customers. For instance; blue, red, purple, black and others. Speed is another big factor for riders. As most of the users are kids who basically love to roam around with speeds. To let them love the brand the speed is maintained by 10mph that makes them happy. So, it is manageable for the riders and also enjoyable. It also gives excellent mileage for the riders. The duration of the running time and nonstop performance is very attractive. The rider can use it for almost an hour because the battery performance is great.

Razor e100 electric scooter Smooth handle with the braking system:

To make the rider feels comfortable it is vital to building the handling system in a proper way. Riding the scooter with a full control handle plays an important role all the time. There is a switch on the right handle by which speeds can be geared up and down as it has direct control on the wheels. On the other hand, the braking system is available in the left handle which should be controlled manually. Handlebars are made in such a way that they can ensure the safe ride of the riders.

Weight load is an important factor for proper braking. There is a razor scooter weight limit range in the user guidelines that should be maintained and strictly followed for getting better performance. Apart from this, the weight of this branded scooter is very light that leads the rider to handle everything smoothly. Due to long-lasting durability, it gives a solid ride in the end. Before manufacturing this brand there had been several trials given for improving the braking system and performance. Everyone knows the importance of braking and control systems as improper management of both can fall anyone in great trouble.

Razor e100 electric scooter Foldable, safe and competitive price:

It is easy to fold. For the option of the folding system, it saves space and the scooter can easily be kept inside the residence. The portability of the scooter is helpful for transferring it to anywhere. Most of the kids love this product because they can carry it at any time without any trouble. The scooter design is made in such a way that it is safe for the rider. The deck and frame size ensure safety in all aspects.

Without a proper marketing strategy and plan, no business can survive. It is very important to know the market competition and how much they are taking for selling a similar brand. With proper market competition analysis Razor e100 brand sets its price in the most affordable ranges so that they can lead the market. The price or value of the scooter is quite lower than all other devices. It provides many facilities and also the pricing method is awesome.

Razor e100 electric scooter Strong motor and powerful Battery:

The battery and motor are important elements for any transport. It can be considered as the heart of it so it should have the power and capacity to perform well. 12 V batteries can easily be recharged at any time. This gives a better performance almost for an hour. When people look for Razor e100 electric scooter reviews they will surely look into the motor and batter quality as well as performance that is for sure.

  • Very simple to use.
  • The speed scale is 10mph.
  • Standard size.
  • Able to satisfy the customer for its mileage and battery performance.
  • The supportive weight load of the scooter.
  • Folding system of the scooter saves space and helpful for carrying.
  • The operating system of handlebars ensures safety.  
  • Competitive price than others. 
  • Easy to move in heavy traffic.
  • Takes 6 hours for charging.
  • Only maximum of 1 hour battery support.

Frequently Ask Question About Electric Scooter

  1. How fast does a Razor e100 electric scooter go?

Ans:- It can go very fast. Basically the control is in the rider’s hand and it is important how fast they want to move around.

  • What speed do electric scooters go?

Ans:- Electric Scooters can go up to 10 Miles per hour but to some extent, it can also go up to 18 Miles Per Hour.

3.      How Much Does It Weigh and How Much Can It Support?

     Ans:- Its weight is very light. It can support a maximum 54 kg or 120 lbs.

4.      Is It Easy to Fold and Carry?

       Ans:- It is very easy to fold and can be carried anywhere the riders want.

5.      How Safe Is It?

       Ans:- The scooter design is made in such a way that it is safe for the rider.

               The deck and frame size ensure the safety for all riders.


There are many competitors out there who develop lots of electric scooters. Those who are planning to buy an electric scooter for giving a gift to someone or their child then it is highly recommended to go through Razor e100 electric scooter reviews where they will be able to find much feedback from those who actually used scooters. This will help to make the right decision for all.

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