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Imagine you have registered for piano lessons or are planning to get into piano lessons to fulfill your long lost desires.

You are now confused to decide what is the best piano for a beginner like you. If you are reading this out, then it would be a piece of excellent news for you to know you have stepped just in the right article. Here, we are going to give you a brief in-depth knowledge about which is the best piano for a beginner.

Best Acoustic Piano For Beginners

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1. Yamaha U1 acoustic upright:

This acoustic piano will cost from $11,399. Its dimensions are 1524mm W, 1219.2 mm H, and 609.6mm D. It is one of the best for beginners to learn and also perform. This heavy piano is worth its value. It looks like a professional piano which can be used at home or as a recording instrument in the studio. This tanked as keyboard comes with a 10-year warranty and three pedals. Since it’s an acoustic piano, it has only one sound which the sound of the piano. It weighs about 500lbs, and thus, it can be easily displaced without the help of a professional.

2. Cavendish Contemporary acoustic upright: Made in the UK, this acoustic piano is of high quality. It costs around £6,995, and the keys are in 88 hammer-action. Since this is an acoustic piano, there will only be the sound of the piano. The dimensions of the piano are 1530mm W, 1210mm H, and 610mm D. It weights 150kg. The cost of this piano is fair, and it’s constructed in a high standard way which makes it look great.  This Cavendish acoustic piano would be an excellent start for the beginners.

Best Digital Piano For Beginners

1. Yamaha P45B Digital Piano:

This is one of the best digital pianos if you are a beginner and are opting to take piano lessons. This piano comes with 88 keys and produces a clean melodious acoustic piano sound. Including a bench, stand, educational materials, pedal and headphone, this piano offers the best choice for beginners. Since this is a digital piano, you can play several sounds here. To make it more convenient, this piano comes with CD and a FastTrack keyboard DVD.

2. Yamaha DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano:

This is a light-weighted piano with 76 standard keys. A lot of fun features are associated with these keys. This is a perfect piano for a beginner. This piano has got a variety of sounds, and you can easily play with anyone whenever you desire. Moreover, a total of 100 songs are built inside and also in the CD that comes along with the piano. Each song is divided into seven piano lessons which can easily be computed by the beginners without the help of a professional. A built-in recorder in the piano allows you to record six tracks back to back and also play them sequentially. The sensitive keys will enable you to maintain your rigidity on the keys. All in all, this is the best choice for a beginner.

Best Piano Keyboards For Kids Aged Between 2 To 4 Years

During this phase, the kids are not ready yet to learn lessons or get in profoundly to the piano training regiments. The keyboards can be anything basic and straightforward. No actual playing piano keyboard should be used; preferably the kids can be given the idea of the piano as a fun activity through the simple manuals found.

Best Piano Keyboards For Kids Aged Between 5 To 7 Years

During this phase, your kid is almost ready to start the piano lessons. To begin with a straightforward keyboard, the parents can choose Casio SA-76 for their growing kids. This smaller keyboard comes with 44 keys and thus, is a smart move for a beginner. This keyboard is constructed with built-in 100 different tunes, ten songs and 50 rhymes, which will help your kids to make the whole process exciting and fun. The headphone, along with the keyboard, can make it convenient for everyone in case you don’t want your child to disturb others.

Best Piano Keyboards For Kids Aged Between 8 To 13 Years

When your child finally reaches this phase, it’s time for him to get used to with a more serious instrument. The Yamaha EZ-220 keyboard would be the best choice which comes with a bundle perfect for making your child continue his learning process and grow as a spectacular pianist. Your child can easily practice the 100- built-in songs with the help of the 61 keys which are touch-sensitive and can even light-up on a contact. The USB output mode makes it easier to connect the device to the PC and use it for the learning of your choice. The stand, the power cable, and the headphones altogether produce the bundle. The keyboard is very light-weighted and portable as well.

Best Piano Keyboards For Kids Aged Between 14 And Above

1. The RockJam 61-Key:

This keyboard has been leading in the choices of consoles for the kids. The keyboard comes with a stand, stool, headphones, and a power adapter. Your child can carry out a lot of functions: he can enjoy the excellent sound quality, the tremendous built-in lessons and also enjoy some fantastic integration tablet apps such as Joytune and Piano Maestro.

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Final Thoughts:

Piano keyboards are a fantastic tool for any relaxations, let it be physical or emotional. Before buying, get yourself determined about what features you are looking for in a keyboard and decide for yourself what is the best piano for a beginner.  And as the famous quote says, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Thus, you must try out even a little music in your life.

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